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Past Tasks

Every business consultant can 'talk the talk'. But the measure of a good business consulting practice is the types of consulting clients they've attracted and what they did to 'walk the walk'.

KLynn has enjoyed a wide diversity of consulting clienteleand has solved an equally diverse set of business growth problems. The boxes above link to a few samples of specific KLynn consulting projects and the list below is a selection of the some of the consulting tasks we’ve been asked to performed.


  • Complete redesign of a e-commerce website and corollary internet marketing strategy
  • Planned and executed complete launch of UNIX versions of several mainstream software products
  • Conceived and managed the development and introduction of a retail local area network product for small offices
  • Built a reseller program with corollary prices, policies & procedures, and then recruited 1200 resellers
  • Conceived and implemented a major direct marketing program for direct selling of specialized programming tools
  • Assisted several Latin American software providers in finding licensing and distribution arrangements in North America
  • Prepared a multi-media technology concept and arranged a $500K demonstration grant for the client to implement it
  • Developed an independent software vendor (ISV) partner program & signed up 300 new ISV’s in less than 75 days
  • Designed and implemented a content management system site for a public service website
  • Re-branded services and restructured pricing to align better with the necessary selling methods
  • Conceived and launched a very successful seminar selling program for high-end software products
  • Developed a new competitive strategy and a complete organizational consensus for a set of leading edge hardware products
  • "Productized" a winning business concept so that it could be rolled-out in a cookie-cutter fashion
  • Conceived and implemented a major IT network to support management of a large retail distribution network