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About Growth

Every company wants to grow...

...Our Business Consulting Can Help Yours Actually Do It.

That doesn't mean it's easy. Sometimes it just seems impossible to grow beyond a certain level. Many companies just seem to 'hit a wall' and then - no matter what they do - they just can't seem to grow more. It's frustrating. But we have found that while there are many reasons that growth stops, almost all can be corrected.

KLYNN:consulting is a small business consulting, Internet and marketing services practice operating in Southern Ontario (Toronto, Cobourg, Port Hope, Belleville) and Quebec (Montreal), whose only focus is to help new businesses and small businesses grow to their next level.

Our methodology and services cover a wide range of disciplines but we generally concentrate on client product marketing, communications, and selling practices as the principal means to help them grow their sales. Our approach has proven successful again and again because we treat sales growth problems as multi-dimensional in that they encompass many aspects of a client's market, product and promotional mix.

Our business strategy, marketing and growth expertise and experience is substantial and it covers all forms of product, marketing and sales activities. We have particular experience in competitive strategy, business planning, product and pricing structure, positioning, internet marketing, internet strategy, and written communications of all forms.

Talk is cheap. We avoid the concerns about traditional business consultants -- i.e. offering "ivory tower perspectives" that can't be executed. We avoid these concerns by not only helping you to identify the issues, but working with you side-by-side to help implement specific tactics or programs for growth.

If you're not sure about using our business consultant, Internet or marketing services to help you grow, why not look at a few of our previous business cases where KLynn consulting made a big difference in the client's business growth and then contact us. You’ll find that we are affordable, experienced, and effective. Also, don't forget to check out our suggestions on how to work with business consultants. When you're ready to talk it over with us, use our contact form.